About Dual-Degree Program

ーPrimarry characteristicsー

Able to obtain two master’s degrees in two years.
In Japan, only the University of Hyogo implements a Dual-Degree Program with the Carnegie Mellon University.
Support offered by the faculty of University of Hyogo.
Even during your study and stay in the US.
Faculty of University of Hyogo, provides full support for obtaining master's degree.
Student network to facilitate your study and stay in the US
During the nine months study in Japan enables students to establish a network with other students which will be useful during your study and stay in the US.
Scholarship program
Scholarship program is offered to students with good academic records.

Application period

Friday 30th November, 2018 ~ Thursday 10th, 2019
* The deadline for the online registration for the Carnegie University is Monday 31st December, 2018.

Acceptance announcement

Thursday 31st January, 2019(TBD)

Application documents

Application form, Transcripe, Certificate of graduation Official GRE scores, Official TOEFL scores, Statement of purpose, Letters of recommendation (three referees),etc.

* It is necessary to possess English and academic ability to be able to understand classes taught at graduate schools in the US. Therefore, a certain level of TOEFL and GRE scores are required at the time of application (official TOEFL score of more than 90 is preferred).

Entrance examination fees
University of Hyogo JPY30,000
Carnegie Mellon University US$75

Admissions capacity

10 students

Main subjects

University of Hyogo
Intro to Information Security, Basics of Modern Cryptography, Telecommunications Management, Study in Applied Informatics
Carnegie Mellon University
Applied Information Assurance, Information Security Policy and Management, Statistics for IT Managers,
Decision Making under Uncertainty, Master's Project

Study location and schedule

Rakuten Cyber Security Boot Camp

DDP students will be able to attend the 3-day/2-night (expected) intensive course on information security in Tokyo around August of the first year, supported by faculty members of the University of Hyogo (UH). It will be very fruitful for the students because the course will be held in one of the leading ICT companies in Japan, Rakuten. UH will cover the travel cost between Kobe and Tokyo, and cost of lodging in Tokyo.

Tuition fees (as of fiscal year 2018)

University of Hyogo
Enrollment fee: JPY423,000 (for Hyogo prefecture residence and international students JPY282,000)
Tuition fee: JPY535,800 per year (JPY267,900 per term)
Carnegie Mellon University
Tuition fee: US$70,950 per year (US$ 23,650 per term)
Registration fee: US$100 (at the time of enrollment,subject to change)
Other expenses: approximately US$ 2,000 per year

Scholarship program

We offer either a scholarship program or an interest free loan for a part or full amount of the tuition fee of the Carnegie Mellon University for students with good academic records.

Scholarship program for improving English language skills

The Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation may reimburse all or a part of fees for language schools to enrollments for the Dual-Degree Program.


Graduates of the Dual Degree Program are employed in companies such as
Rakuten Inc.; Google Inc.; KPMG Consulting Co., Ltd.; Amazon.; General Electric; Nomura Research Institute Ltd.; Cyber Agent Inc. etc.