Is there any difference between the master's degrees obtained through the Dual-Degree Program and the official degrees given by the two universities?

No, there is no difference. The graduates earn two official master's degrees after completing the Dual-Degree Program in two years. This is made possible because the two universities mutually approve credits gained at the other university.

I do not have an undergraduate degree in information science. Can I still enroll in the Dual-Degree Program?

Yes, but you need to have previous professional experience or knowledge related to computer science and information technology. Please note that you need to meet the minimum qualifications for admission into the program.

Are all lectures given in English even at University of Hyogo?

All lectures that are approved as credits for Carnegie Mellon University will be given in English. Moreover, students conduct and submit projects and reports in English. Lectures that are approved only as the credits for University of Hyogo will be given in Japanese. Students can complete the Program without taking lectures in Japanese depending on the selection of the lectures.

I am not confident with my English proficiency.

In order to participate in the Dual-Degree Program, applicants should have proficient English language skills and academic abilities so that they understand the lectures at Carnegie Mellon University.Minimum language proficiency required for successful appricants is TOEFL iBT 90.The Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation offers scholarship by reimbursing all or a part of the fees for language schools (maximum amount specified) to enrollments who attended language schools to improve their English proficiency.

Why is the tuition of Carnegie Mellon University more expensive than graduate schools in Japan?

Although the amount is more than what universities and graduate schools in Japan charge, the fee is comparable to other private universities and graduate schools in the U.S.
For your information, the Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation has a unique scholarship program for the Dual-Degree Program that offers financial assistance to qualified students.

Are there any support for travel expenses to the US or living expenses in the US?

No, the scholarship programs by the Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation cover the tuition fee at Carnegie Mellon University only. Students themselves are responsible for any other expenses.