Support system for enrollment/ study

The Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation offers scholarship programs shown below for the capacity development of professionals in the field of information security through the Dual-Degree Program between University of Hyogo and Carnegie Mellon University.

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Scholarship program to improve English language skills

The Hyogo Institute of Information Education Foundation may reimburse all or a part of fees for language schools (maximum JPY300,000) to enrollments for the Dual-Degree Program who attended language schools in order to obtain necessary English proficiency.

Scholarship program

We offer either a scholarship or an interest free loan for a part of full amount of the tuition fee or the equivalent of the Carnegie Mellon University for students with good academic records. For further details, please refer to the documents below.

Support to international students

We offer support to international students participating in the Dual-Degree program on a range of issues, such as accommodation placements.